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Marianne Midelburg
Künstlerin, Australien

Interkontinentales Networking
Die Vernissage findet am 19. Januar um 19.30 Uhr in der "Kulturmühle" Rechberghausen statt.
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Hello Adriana
Thanks for the email. Yes, things have been busy here as well....and very soon the 'silly season' will be upon us. I'm nearly finished with all my organisation and planning. By second week in December I want to have everything finalised. Then I just want to do a bit of partying with my friends, some sunbaking in the back yard and some light reading...and prepare myself for the 23 hour flight....and my adventure.

It would be great if you could email those newspaper articles scans as pdf files. I like to keep all my publicity stuff on file. Today I collected from The City of Greater Bendigo some very elegant informative glossy brochures about Bendigo. I would like to present these to the City of Göppingen during my stay. Do you have any connections with people on council, or the mayor? I'd really like to have a meeting some appropriate person(s) from the City of Göppingen and also the Director of the Göppingen Art Gallery. I'm assuming you'd be working collaboratively with him / her.

This is all groundwork for a quite prestigous arts grant (a 2 year residency Auistralia Council Fellowship) that I'm going to apply for next year after I get back. I can talk to you more about this when we meet.

Yes..I also know what doing lots and lots of work and not getting any money for it...I know that one quite well, too...but this what you do when you're a passionate artist.




yes, Roswitha told me about the progress - and I think it's wonderful for all sites. (We are very thankful for Annette Dißlin having this perfect idea.)
For two times already I mentioned the upcoming exhibition along with your name also in articles for the newspaper - and they were published. I just couldn't find the time yet to send you the scans. But I won't forget - promised.
Of course we'll meet during you're in Germany. I'm looking forward to it.
Your report was very interesting - thank you so much for the time you spent for writing it. I'd also like to publish it in our next ifk-newsletter - as soon as I can find some time to finish it. During the last few weeks it was just awful - a lot of work to do but unfortunately without getting money for it.
But your plans sound really great. Hope they become true as you wish.
Well, it almost 12 at night - again - and I'm pretty tired. So I just send you some greetings - and go home, visiting my bed now.

Take care. :-)


Hello Adriana,

Just a quick E-Mail to touch base with you. Hope you don't mind an English E-Mail. I don't have much time before I've got to go into town for a meeting - writing in English is therefore quicker.

I've been in E-Mail contact with Roswitha. We' ve done quite a bit of planning, setting of dates for exhibition in Rechberghausen. I'm getting rather excited about this development.

When I'm in Germany I would very much like to meet with you and tell you more about my future plans to apply for an Australia Council Fellowship two-year residency grant. These Fellowships are quite difficult to get, but where I'm at in my life and with the development of my artwork and arts professional practise, I feel that I want to 'have a red-hot-go' (typical aussie-slang) at applying for such a grant. If this all turns out positive, then I would be living in Schwäbisch Alb area, probably in Göppingen, for 2 years.

If you think it's a good idea, I could also come to an arts group members' meeting and give a short presentation about my work as an independent artist and the arts in the City of Greater Bendigo. I hope you found the little report with the web link that I sent you couple of weeks ago, interesting.

Hoping to hear from you again in the near future.

Marianne Midelburg


Hello Adriana

Catching up on a bit of desk-work...Gorgeous spring day outside...will get into the garden bit later on this afternoon.

I've recently sent an E-Mail to Roswitha W ....saying that I'd love to bring some of my artwork over to Germany..gave her a brief run down on what...now waiting on her response.
I've recently started working on special present for my friend Bettina...a large aerial view landscape piece of the Schwäbisch Alb...usning my perception from pictures and what Bettina has told me about the Alb...around the Wiesensteig area....It'll be interesting working with the european greens...or what I think are the european greens... Wouldn't mind showing this piece as well before it finds its permanent home at Bettina's Gasthaus.

Been doing a bit of preparation and I've selected out some interesting web links to give you an idea of the Arts and Culture scene here in the City of Greater Bendigo

After I retired from the State Education system in 1996..changed my name and started calling myself an artist and no longer a German teacher... I became involved in a newly formed local arts group called Bendigo Arts Alliance. I was Secretary and then Treasurer for about 7 years. This is where I got all my hands-on experience with arts administration, funding applications and began to build up working relationships with folk at Cultural Development unit of City of Greater Bendigo and Regional Arts Victoria.... I began to build up an entire new network of new colleagues, associates and friends.

It was during these years that I began getting involved in the bigger community arts projects and events
In 2004 Bendigo Arts Alliance went into voluntary windup.. People need to go in other directions. Our committee was getting smaller and smaller and all the work pretty much rested on 3 people....so time to wind it up...and move on.

Here are some links
Bendigo Arts Alliance

The City of Greater Bendigo
From Home >>> go to >>>Council Services >>click on Arts, Festivals & Events.....'Events Calendar' - what's happening in the City. Also Arts Register...an online directory of performers, visual artists, groups,art administrators, funding bodies...

When my friend Bettina was here in Jan/Feb.she said that Bendigo was similar size to Göppingen. Bendigo is one of the famous Victorian goldrush towns...with Ballarat & Beechworth.. so there are lovely oldVictorian buildings. Bendigo was a very wealthy city.
Here are some links for Bendigo cultural place
The Capital Theatre & performing arts centre

Bendigo Art Gallery

For young emerging artists...there is Allans Walk an A.R.I. (Artist Run Initiative)....I've exhibited here several times..mainly in good fun group shows.
Allans Walk

there is the little Trouble Publication...free to the public where many galleries of Central Victoria...and now more and more Melbourne galleries are appearing...publicize what's happening..
Trouble - Street Smart Pocket Art

40 kms. along the Calder Highway (parts of it I could call an autobahn...but only sections) towards Melbourne there is a smaller town called Castlemaine..another gold town..Every 2 years there is the Castlemaine State Festival...classical music, theatre...quite high-brow ...and also lots of Fringe stuff. Castlemaine has always had many alternative, fringe, hippy folk living there and in the hills around...Bendigo is a bit more conservative..

I know lots of people here in Bendigo..I've been living here now for about 15 years.. (I'm a refugee from Melbourne)..I associate with lots of artists...and people doing interesting things..
Deirdre Outhred and Ray Pearce are friends of mine. They live on the outskirts of Bendigo at a property they call Reveries....you drive up this amazing bush track to get there....Both are amazing artists...building incredible things..making amazing arts. Each year they do a 'Gallery without Walls' sculpture show in the bush around the house.. They've got about 16 acreas of box iron bark bush adjacent to Crown Land... I've participated in these sculpture shows for the past few years...fabulous fun...great people...interessting art...
If you visit this website...click on sculpture...you'll see my Red Shoe Tree sculpture.......I nailed red painted shows (which were left over from another project) onto trees in the grey toned bush...looked great.. I love re-cycling and gleaning.

Ray & Deirdre's place is just about all made from re-cycled stuff. Ray & Deirde and another most interesting sculptor - Graham Matthews - are all artists-in-residence at out local re-cycle yard..at the tip....They are currently working on a quite large show of work which they will show at Bendigo Town Hall...which is all very very gilded and very 'Queen Victorian'..

Another friend of mine - woman called Chris Sass..another daughter of German/Slovenian migrant parents... she's a musician, conductor...is currently slowly working on writing an opera.Chris is the artistic director of a choir Festival called Gorgeous Voices. She's just completely her 2nd big festival event. This year's festival was a great success.

There's lots more happening...but I reckon that's enough for now...I find Bendigo a very comfortable and easy city to live and work in. I do visit Melbourne on occasion but not often..it's all a bit too fast and too expensive down there.. I'm no longer a big city gal.

Marianne Midelburg



kurze Frage: Hätten Sie Interesse, einige Ihrer Kunstwerke mitzubringen und auszustellen, so lange Sie in Deutschland sind? Eine Möglichkeit hierzu würde die Kulturmühle in Rechberghausen bei Göppingen bieten (siehe unter www.kulturmuehle-rechberghausen.de). Der Vorschlag kam von einem Mitglied des Vereins.
Ansprechpartnerin ist in diesem Fall roswitha.walenczyk@web.de. Am besten korrespondieren Sie mit ihr wegen der Details.
Ich könnte mir vorstellen, dass das für alle eine spannende Sache wäre.

Mit herbstlichen Grüßen,
Adriana Rossi


Hello Adriana
Thanks for getting back to me so promptly. We've got 2 weeks school holidays here at the moment...and I'm taking a bit of a well-earned break. I've just finished an 8 week big community arts project called Hand Me Down...If you are interested in this latest project on the home page of my web site you'll see a link on the menu called 'community arts projects' ...then if you click on page 6 there you'll find it.

I've got to go to Melbourne tomorrow to deliver a piece of work to the Contemporary Sculptors Association auction/exhibition. at a gallery in inner Melb. I don't drive to Melb. all that much though it's only a 2 hour trip down there....I am originally a 'refugee' from the city, but now I prefer the quieter saner and cheaper life-style living in Bendigo a larger country town...

What I'd like to do in the next week or so...whilst my work load is reduced due to the school holidays...is to write you a short report describing what I do, how I do it and with whom....and also an over-view of the arts and cultural scene in the City of Greater Bendigo...I'll also give you some relevant links of some other artists and arts & cultural input from the City.

In general I think the City of Greater Bendigo is very supportive and generous with funding with the arts/cultural scene here. There is quiet a vibrant arts scene here...the traditional and the alternative. I would tend to put myself more in the alternative camp. Bendigo has got many very good artists, musicians and performers. and 40 km up the highway is Castlemaine...a much smaller Central Victorian town but with a very large population of artists ...also lots of alternative, fringe artists...

I write to you again in the near future
Marianne Midelburg



das war eine sehr schöne Überraschung - ich hatte schon lange keine Post mehr aus Australien. :-))
An einem Informationsaustausch sind wir hier immer interessiert. Wir haben beispielsweise tatsächlich keine Vorstellung, wie die (soziale und finanzielle) Situation der freiberuflichen Künstler (aber auch Medienleute etc.) bei Ihnen aussieht. Vielleicht könnten Sie uns ab und zu etwas darüber berichten.
Ich würde mich auch sehr freuen, wenn wir uns im Rahmen Ihres Besuches in Deutschland mal treffen könnten - Sie sind ja dann wirklich quasi um die Ecke. In diesem Zusammenhang könnte Sie auch eines unserer Projekte interessieren, das wir speziell für den Landkreis Göppingen realisiert haben (mehr dazu finden Sie unter http://www.kulturfreientreff.de/projekte/kultur-almanach.htm)
Und natürlich können Sie mir künftig in Englisch schreiben, kein Problem.

Mit herzlichen Grüßen,
Adriana Rossi


Hallo Frau Rossi

Ich möchte mich vorstellen. Ich heisse Marianne Midelburg und bin freiberufliche Künstlerin. Ich wohne in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.

Ich bin Textilien Künstlerin - gehäkelte Skulptur und handgenähte Landschaft Wandbehänge. Ich bin auch Akt-Zeichnen Model (20 Jahre Erfahrung) und community arts projects facilitator und auch noch Deutsch Sprachlehrerin.

Für ungefähr 7 Jahre war ich Sekretärin und dann auch noch Treasurer von Bendigo Arts Alliance, local Kunstverein.

Ich habe die Website von Interessenverein Freie-Kulturberufe gefunden. Ich interessiere mich sehr für solche Vereine und Gruppen. Vielleicht könnten wir sowas wie arts & kultur information Ausstausch machen.

Nächstes Jahr im Januar werde ich Deutschland wieder mal besuchen. Das letzte Mal war vor 12 Jahren. Ich bleibe 6 Wochen - davon etliche Wochen in Baden-Württemberg. Meine liebe (soul-sister) Freundin hat ein Gasthof auf der Alb bei Wiesensteig. Ich habe auch Bekannte in Stuttgart, Göppingen, Ludwigsburg und dann auch meine andere deutsche soul-sister in Berlin.

Ich möchte das dieses erste E-Mail nicht zu lang oder kompliziert wird...Also ich fasse mich kurz.
Ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn Sie mir zurückschreiben würden
Könnte ich auch Ihnen auf Englisch schreiben?

Viele Grüsse
Marianne Midelburg

PS: Bendigo ist eine schöne 'alte' Gold Rush Stadt in der Mitte von Victoria.


Marianne Midelburg